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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sensory Overload

Amidst the Saturday morning chaos (the kind that dad doesn't get to see while at work during the week)

Jerry: "Well, we have kids!  That's why!"

Barking Spiders

Dinner conversation:

((((( someone farts at the dinner table))))

Mom:  "Was that a barking spider?"
Dad:  "Yep.  I bet its under the table."
Jerry: "There's no barking spider in here.  They live in the garage."
Dad: "They live in the garage and they're loud and they stink."
Mom: "Well, unfortunately, I hear them in the house quite a bit."
Jerry:  "That's why our house smells so bad."

Sunday, August 12, 2012


Last night Jerry was up screaming a few times.  Every time we went in he was legitimately scared of monsters.  This is confusing since he doesn't watch scary shows or play scary games...We have no idea where he learned the concept of monsters!  This conversation happened at 5am:

"Jerry, there are no such things as monsters.  There are people, and animals, and plants, and...bugs and birds..."

"Well dad, birds have those pointy noses."

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Wake Up Call

I have always joked about somehow Jerry having implanted me with some sort of computer chip so that he knows the instant I wake up.  It doesn't matter how early I get up (to gain some coveted personal coffee/news time), he somehow ALWAYS manages to cut that time short immediately.  The other day I had rolled over, realized Calin had the kids, and proceeded to fall back asleep.  I woke up in the most ridiculous manner EVER.  He sure is lucky I woke up in a good mood...

I always joke that pretty soon he will awaken us with a 85 piece marching band and have the cymbals crashing in my ears.  Somehow, these antics just make me love this boy even more.

House of Brotherly Love

Today I was explaining to Jerry all about a friend who is having a baby soon.  Nothing TOO detailed, but that she has a baby in her belly and once she has the baby, it may be a while before we have a chance to play again, etc etc.  He then asks...

"Momma, do you have a baby in your belly?"

"No, Jerry, I don't."

...long pause and silence...

"Jerry, why?  You want another baby brother or sister?"

"Well, no.  I just want more Margo's."

My heart is still melting

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Big dude

This weekend,while entering the pool, I was shuffling the stroller with Margo and Jerry (with his big inner tube) into the pool.  To enter the pool deck, you have to enter thru a locker room.  Jerry has ALWAYS gone with me thru the women's locker room.  Yesterday, he decided to go thru the men's and meet me out on the other side.  He said "Mom, I'm a big dude.  I'll go in the men's now."  I was so proud and sad at the same time.  You're only 3!?!?!?  You're already going on your own!?!?! ** sigh**

And later, at lunch, he asked for hot sauce on his ham sandwich.  He said "Momma, big dudes eat hot sauce."  Again...** sigh**

Monday, May 28, 2012

The clap

Today my baby started clapping.  We thought it was just a coincidence since she's always moving her little hands and feet, but its the real thing!  Its amazing what a good night's sleep can do!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Beautiful Mind

Jerry is a master at playing free online video games.  He's addicted to drag racing and amazingly good at it for a 3 yr old.  He's able to control the volume, go back and forth between screens, and even save certain games as bookmarks on the computer so he can access all his favorites.

He is also a pretty good judge of whether a game is "mean" or not.  Mean equals explosions, scary characters, warfare, etc.  He even turns around if he stumbles upon something inappropriate.  So, you can imagine my surprise when he found a new game and was so excited for me to quit chopping vegetables for dinner and come see what it was.

It was called Escape From Hell.

As it started, instead of a normal countdown it said "666 Go!"  So trying to be evil it was funny.  But then I noticed his truck was driving in the bowels of hell amidst Satan himself and a plethora of bloody dead bodies.  Before I turned that off to erase it from his memory, I decided to ask him what this game was?

Confidently and sweetly (and with many hand gestures):

"Momma, its ok.  Its just a dragon and then all these crazy men have spaghetti sauce all over them.  So funny!"

The lovely minds of toddlers.

In other news, on Monday, my sweet Margo can finally sit on her own.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Love notes

This morning I had to take some pictures of the "notes" Jerry had taped onto the refrigerator and freezer for Calin and I.  He was really proud of how good a writer he is.

This one says:  "To Daddy: I love when you play with me"

The next one (for me) says:  "Ice cubes"
It's good to know that staying home all day and playing with him is really paying off when it comes time for love notes  :)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


This morning I played with my sweet Margo.  She was on her back and laughing away.  That's when I realized this baby has her 2 top middle teeth.  You wouldn't know it since she never really seems to complain, and you wouldn't think I spent every day and night with her since I had never noticed them before. I swear they weren't there yesterday.

In other news, my 3.5 yr old big dude let me rock him like a baby today.  He had the sweetest smile on his face and it reminded me to never take advantage of all the rocking I do for Margo right now.  I rarely get these moments with my Jerry anymore.  As I hummed a little tune in his ear, he said "You are just the cutest momma ever."

Monday, May 7, 2012

Today, I got a marriage proposal

During a hand washing session...

Jerry:  "Momma!  You're going to get your rings wet!"
Me: "Its okay.  It'll make my rings all sparkly."
Jerry: "What are these for?"
Me:  "These are the rings daddy-o gave me to say he will be my sweetheart and marry me and love me forever and ever."
Jerry: "Momma, I will buy you a ring but I don't think I have enough money.  But I want to marry you too."

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Life lesson learned

I had some time to take my sweet babies out on a warm and humid May morning.  In the fresh air, I realized I needed to do this blog.  REALLY DO THIS BLOG.  Because I truly am blessed with my family and the hilarity of these precious little human beings.

So not to put much pressure on what this blog will be about, I have found its more realistic for me to log onto the computer than to find a pen, each baby book, and record things AS THEY HAPPEN.  My children are the funniest and most amazing things in the world and I owe it to them and myself to record all the little things.

Today I taught Jerry the universal sign for making semi's honk their horns.  The arm in the air, pumping motion.  We set out on the busy road.  Me, with the stroller full of sleeping Margo and Jerry on his Schwinn.  I am pleased with humanity as every semi honked at my boy and the joy in his face made me laugh out loud like there was absolutely no care in the world.  And for that 25 minute walk, we had no cares (other than if semi drivers know to honk when presented with the universal sign).  I'm happy to report, they do abide by the universal sign!