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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Beautiful Mind

Jerry is a master at playing free online video games.  He's addicted to drag racing and amazingly good at it for a 3 yr old.  He's able to control the volume, go back and forth between screens, and even save certain games as bookmarks on the computer so he can access all his favorites.

He is also a pretty good judge of whether a game is "mean" or not.  Mean equals explosions, scary characters, warfare, etc.  He even turns around if he stumbles upon something inappropriate.  So, you can imagine my surprise when he found a new game and was so excited for me to quit chopping vegetables for dinner and come see what it was.

It was called Escape From Hell.

As it started, instead of a normal countdown it said "666 Go!"  So trying to be evil it was funny.  But then I noticed his truck was driving in the bowels of hell amidst Satan himself and a plethora of bloody dead bodies.  Before I turned that off to erase it from his memory, I decided to ask him what this game was?

Confidently and sweetly (and with many hand gestures):

"Momma, its ok.  Its just a dragon and then all these crazy men have spaghetti sauce all over them.  So funny!"

The lovely minds of toddlers.

In other news, on Monday, my sweet Margo can finally sit on her own.

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