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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Life lesson learned

I had some time to take my sweet babies out on a warm and humid May morning.  In the fresh air, I realized I needed to do this blog.  REALLY DO THIS BLOG.  Because I truly am blessed with my family and the hilarity of these precious little human beings.

So not to put much pressure on what this blog will be about, I have found its more realistic for me to log onto the computer than to find a pen, each baby book, and record things AS THEY HAPPEN.  My children are the funniest and most amazing things in the world and I owe it to them and myself to record all the little things.

Today I taught Jerry the universal sign for making semi's honk their horns.  The arm in the air, pumping motion.  We set out on the busy road.  Me, with the stroller full of sleeping Margo and Jerry on his Schwinn.  I am pleased with humanity as every semi honked at my boy and the joy in his face made me laugh out loud like there was absolutely no care in the world.  And for that 25 minute walk, we had no cares (other than if semi drivers know to honk when presented with the universal sign).  I'm happy to report, they do abide by the universal sign!

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